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Built-in oven

Built-in oven

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Fulgor Milano 1

To modern trends we can safely include built-in appliances for the kitchen. Its main advantage lies in the fact that such a device perfectly fits into the chosen style of the headset. With the full or partial introduction of devices into a zealous profile provide a fantasy flight in design solutions.

With the purchase of appliances in the kitchen it is better to decide on the order of the kitchen, so then you could accurately plan the style of the kitchen and its design. If you talk about brands, then the most recommended include Fulgor Milano, Smeg, Gorenje.

Common rules for installing and assembling appliances for storage and cooking can be called the following. Any stand-alone equipment should have a clearance of at least 10 cm to the wall, which will provide for it the required ventilation provided by the manufacturer. For built-in appliances, the location of the headset is the most important and the way of installation (hidden or open).


The cooker in the kitchen plays, you can say, the leading role, because it can cook a completely different dishes, ranging from the first course and ending with desserts. The cooker can be presented as an independent appliance, and as part of the kitchen. If you install such devices in a hidden way, you will have to buy them as stand-alone ones.

Such cupboards are standard sizes - 60 cm wide (max - 90 cm, min-45), up to 60 cm high, but when buying, it is necessary to clarify the dimensions, so as not to get into trouble, as non-standard sizes are possible. Built-in cookers can be of the most different sizes, but the functionality can be much higher.

Built-in cookers for, despite the sometimes smaller dimensions, may have much more functions than their counterparts in a common cooker (ventilation heating, grill, spit, auto cooking program and manual control, etc.). Separate models can be combined and have in their composition microwave ovens, steamer, controlled using a touch screen.

A prerequisite for a modern cabinet for baking is the lighting of the working area. It would be nice if this oven was equipped with a telescoping guide deck and a self-cleaning surface inside.

Glass doors, at least consist of double glass, but there are up to four. The more sheets, the better the heat is stored in the working area, and the surface is heated to a minimum.

But no matter how modern it is, in the working state it can reach quite high temperatures, which negatively affects the ends of the facades. To avoid this, you should buy cookers with a tangential cooling system that provides a safe temperature on the border with the kitchen units.

Ventilation inside the cupboard with built-in appliances

A favorite electric appliance at work places a certain amount of heat. If domestic appliances are installed inside such acupboard / cabinet, then it raises the temperature, which can cause certain complications (the risk of ignition, poor performance of devices). To avoid this, it is necessary to provide ventilation of the sections with the technique. It's easy to do.

Any kitchen provides loose adherence of the internal horizontal surfaces to the wall of the room, and behind the cupboards with the technique there are no rear walls. This ensures sufficient ventilation in the interior sections.

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