Inoxa Ellite

Inoxa Ellite

Drying retractable in the lower base 600, with a door closer

Drying retractable in the lower base 600, with a door closer

Table dryers for utensils Cuchita AE-839

Table dryers for utensils Cuchita AE-839

Drying 1

Drying 1

Drying 2

Drying 2

For the mistress, the kitchen is much of her leisure, and therefore we want this place to be as comfortable and functional as possible. That everything is always at hand and the interior das not suffer from the plenty of utensils.

Each meal and the process of its preparation leaves the mountain of dirty dishes that have to be washed continuously. So, drying for plates, bowls, cups should be installed in a carefully designed place and with a set of necessary fittings, if such a device is planned to be built into the kitchen set. Here it should also be taken into account the fact that drying the dishes not only gets rid of excess moisture, but also remains.

Any drying is divided into sectors for plates of different diameters and cups, glasses. The design itself, in which the dishes are placed, is more often made of metal, which has different coverings.

The dryers for the dishes

Depending on the mount, the dishes can be self-contained when installed on the surface of the washbasin or hung on the wall. And they can be inbuilt, being part of the kitchen wall. They are most often placed near or near a sink.

In devices that do not have water run-off in the sink, necessarily present pallets for its assembling, sometimes one-tier (for plates only) and multi-tiered ones (for large dishes, plates, saucers, cups) can be found.

Hanging dryers

In the modern kitchen set, the hanging dryers for the dishes are fastened over the sink with various fasteners. They are usually small and single-storey, designed to drain "big water", and then the dry dishes can be moved to the storage location. But not necessarily. There are several solutions: angular, rounded and regular rectangular.

Built-in dryers

Appliances for drying in a modern kitchen are often embedded in a drying cupboard, which should have good ventilation. They are installed there with special fasteners, depending on the method of installation and its place. Built in headset, they protect the clean dishes from dust deposits and serve as a storage repository.

In the lower rolling drawers we prefer to install drying, when the kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher. But this is not a compulsory condition, and it depends on the taste of the owner and his/her understanding of functionality.

A dish cooker can also be installed in the module over the sink. In this case, you can consider two options: with the installation of a tray for collecting water and an open bottom of the locker for its drain. In any case, it is necessary to ensure that in the section with the dishes does not accumulate moisture, which adversely affects the surface of the cupboard and serves as the environment for pathogenic flora.

In short, the choice of the form, the method of installation is only by the owner. The term of service depends largely on the care and operation itself. You can not overload the dryer and allow a long accumulation of water in the pallets. Well, of course, you need to understand that quality solves everything.

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