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Build your dream together with ARMADIO. 1:15 minutes

The project implementation period even for the most non-standard premises - from 30 days.

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1 day

Definition of the concept of creating a new kitchen

The designer helps you to decide on the material and style of the future kitchen.

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1 day

Check out the designer to measure the room

The designer arrives with samples of the facades, a catalog and a 3D program for drawing up the design.

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1 day

Development of the design project, drawing up the contract

In the realistic picture you see what your new kitchen looks like. If everything suits you, we make a contract, you make an advance payment of 70%.

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from 30 days

Making the kitchen on the finished project

The furniture is made on high-precision modern Italian and German equipment.

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1 day

Delivery of the finished kitchen

You can use the services of our courier service, and we will deliver you the kitchen directly from the warehouse or pick up the furniture yourself.

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1 day

Build a kitchen in your home

We collect the kitchen in your home. Within 20 days you can declare a marriage or incompleteness of the headset, and we will fix everything quickly.


Kitchen size and layout

Material production and thickness of the table top

Material manufacturing facades

Additional services (delivery, assembly)

Production of custom sizes

Accessories and other components of the kitchen

It is impossible to name the standard cost of making a kitchen. All our projects are unique and are created for each individual client.Price for the manufacture of the kitchen is fixed in the contract and is not subject to change.

Kitchens from ARMADIO

Today, there are two options for the arrangement of the apartment - the purchase of a finished headset or kitchen to order. If in the first case it is possible to simply come to the store and choose something from the finished models, then in the second case it is necessary to pay attention to the time of careful elaboration of your individual wishes. This option is definitely the best, because it's not always possible to pick up the factory furniture for kitchen options. At an individual order, a design project will be created for you and your family, which can include any important aspects for you, such as the placement of built-in appliances, the number of boxes and their contents, family features (growth, availability of children, or presence of a left-handed person in the family), etc.

For the manufacture of a factory kitchen, wood chipboard material is classified as a budget item. In the production of kitchens under the order can be used both MDF and a natural tree, which in any case affect the quality and cost of the finished headset. The appearance of such furniture is always more presentable.

In addition, expensive kitchens are always used for more high-quality fittings (BLUM, GTV), stowing and installation of the headset do the professionals. Of course, this increases the quality of finished products at times, and in usage such furniture brings only pleasure.

First of all, the cost of kitchen from the manufacturer is formed on the basis of the quality of raw materials, and in the background there is a design, the number of elements and other features. Manufacturers in their kitchens always give a guarantee of up to 10 years, which guarantees that the headset will last for a long time, and its execution is qualitative and well thought out. Cheap kitchen variants are not able to last long, their price initially consists of budgetary laminated chipboard or MDF and accessories of low quality, which come to be unserviceable after several months of operation.

You can judge the cost on the basis of size and filling. So, the smaller and more compact will be the kitchen, the cheaper price will get the customer.

Thus, an orderly kitchen can not be cheap. First of all, it is beneficial to buy it when a functional kitchen is required, which perfectly fits into the existing unique interior of an apartment or a house that serves a long time for its owners. That is where its undeniable benefit lays.

Kitchens from the manufacturer is a great opportunity for imagination. When designing the headset will be taken into account any of your wishes and embody the most daring ideas. Proper use of space will help you make it as functional as possible, as well as unique and original.

If you want to order a kitchen in Kiev, and funds are limited, one should not focus on a running meter. In this case only cheap materials without internal filling will be included in the cost, and the real cost as a result will be much higher.

Before you buy furniture, you need to outline a general picture of how you would like to see the kitchen. What elements are especially important, but without which you can do.

Thus, with the help of a designer you can set priorities, creating a kitchen of your dreams. It should be borne in mind that if you are guided in the kitchen of a high price segment, then it will serve you with comfort for many years, and democratic variants, in turn, do not promise any frills. Therefore, what kind of kitchen you choose, you need to decide on their own.


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